Sunday, February 6, 2011


Last i  was here was in 2010. What a shame. didn't even do a recap of the year. But its my blog so i'll do one anytime.
Its already a few days into the year. Very hot start. Enjoying my stay home, seeing that am out of job at the moment.  I survive on small deals. call me a jua kali because that's what i am. Have a new formal job offer and am meant to start tomorrow 07th February, 2011 but am not taking it. The lady of the house thinks I am arrogant, but am not going to be working for anyone pretty soon.There is no way am going to move from being a the man at the helm to working for Indians. They are paying more than i was getting but that aint tempting enough.Wonder if that makes me a racist.

My other half is in the beautiful town of Kigali and come March, ill be returning to that town to work.



  1. so everyone is running ff to kigali fair ...:-(

    Racist that makes the two of us...
    nice to read from you :-)

  2. so for the time being am surviving on your savings.
    h\thanks and feels good to be back.