Friday, October 22, 2010


So i give names to all my gadgets and my Play Station is called Annabella.
Me and Annabela are so close. We do crazy stuff to each other. One particular friday evening i made up mind to stay indoors all weekend and even adjusted my facebook status to read "Spending the weekend indoors with Annabella". Ofcourse i cheated and instead went for a party on Saturday evening. Guess what, i made acquaintances with another Annabella at the party. Dont know if my original Annabella was simply tight marking through her human relation or it was a mere coincidence. In the end i had actually spent the whole weekend with Annabella(s).
Problem now is that i can't make any more facebook statuses mentioning Annabella. People might receive the wrong message.

My next gadget shall be named Lordina after my high school history teacher Mrs Okello Nakusi Lordina.

Blessed weekend ya'll


  1. This post is funny...ati "we do crazy stuff to each other"

  2. haha.... You now using very "coded" messages....