Friday, November 5, 2010

Skinny Dip

Not that i have a to "do list" that i follow but there are things i've always wanted to do. Things that make you wet your pants out of too much excitement, fear or just fun. Some of these ideas are as seen in movies, read in books, or just concoted in our minds on those naughty young and free days.

A few days ago i skinny dipped in the waters of Lake Victoria. The 2nd largest lake in the world. (Wait a minute, is it still that big? Last i had the EAC presidents were selling off some parts to........never mind).
Anyway on this particular saturday night none of us wanted to go through the torture of Kampala night life. Everything seems to be the same each weekend and nothin new taking place. Looks like the people even have a particular set of clothes to be worn everyweekend in Kla bars.
Time check 1am and we decide to drive to the beautiful town of Entebbe. Its me and my friend Sapho. We pick up 2 other friends, buy a few beverages then hit the road. Night was really short. All our Entebbe friends were already asleep when we arrived. Only highlights were Fussball/table soccer tournament, and plenty of "ladies of the night". We kept our hands very clean though.
Time check 5am and we decide to go check out the beaches. Once there, i jokingly suggest that we go skinny dipping. You should have seen the excitement on these guy's faces. Shoes off, trousers off, shirts off, then run at breakneck speed while removing any remaining peice of cloth. Suprising how such an act of madness was so exciting to a bunch of old guys. Little did we know we had unseen spectators in 3 little ladies and a gu-guy. Its only after their screemed cheers that we noticed their existance. We waved our boxers and asked them to join us. Just as they were about to join us, some fishermen showed up. To hell with those fishermen, increases my beef for fish. (Beef and fish in one sentence, am cool like that).
Anyway, the fishermen allowed me take their oar steered boat for a spin. Cruising a boat is so much fun. I did it just the way they do it on TV. Not untill i got so far in the lake and i had no idea how to make a turn and head back to the shore. The coolness in me advised that I jump out of the boat and swim to the shore. Who wants to be stuck in a wooden fishing boat with hot girls watching. The boat even had holes and water was entering. Like i hadn't seen them when asking to take it for a spin.

Anyway, fabulous night in EBBS, skinny dip and my first oar boat spin. Forever young indeed. Before i hit the big 3-0, someone let me know when the next Naked Mile shall take place in Kampala. There was one held 2 years back behind Bubbles O'leary but i was still "too young" to take part. Bungee jumping, that should be a CHECK as am on my way there before end of this year.

After that i shall be a good daddy and husband. I'll sue anyone who mentions my name or character in such bizzare incidents.


  1. U.....this sounds like so much fun. I envy you some.

  2. Next time u in Kla, come lets show some skin. hehehe

  3. put me on list right next too bungee jumping....:-)
    Though i dont think i will join you for skinny dip...I will pass on that one..:-)

  4. Didnt know you were that crazy!
    Been bungeeing once & rafting thrice. I am that BAD!

  5. I have really laughed, ok for real you take the cup.
    I'm happy for you and I know how exhilarating it can be.
    No regrets!!